How it all started

The company

How it all started

In October 1993, Teratronik was registered as an individual enterprise in the sector of the production and development of electronic systems. Through the vigorous support of our sales & distribution partner, Mr. Wolfgang Arnold, the company was able to change its business form to a GmbH (LLC) just a few months later, on January 18, 1994. The W. Arnold LLC was and still is a reliable partner today.

When Teratronik was established as an LLC, the still young company consisted of the company founder and sole proprietor Mr. Karl Klenk, and two employees. In 1995, the company moved from the basement and garage of the private residence to the offices located on Karl Ulrich Street. At the time, part of the building was still being used for agricultural purposes. Over the years, the former farm was rebuilt, renovated and expanded. Back in 1995, only 125 m² (1345.5 sq. ft.) were available to the company. Today, Teratronik occupies a total area of 700 m² (7535 sq. ft.). With growing demand and our entry into new markets, the number of employees has increased from the original 2 to currently 14.

Until 2004, the systems were sold and distributed throughout Europe, and since 2005 worldwide. Our domestic and international customers trust our products, because they are distinguished by high-quality materials, good processing, and resistance even under difficult environmental conditions.

Through continuous further development, expansion of our product range, and staff increases in all of our company departments, we are well-prepared for future challenges. Our international sales and distribution network and the worldwide markets help contribute to the company's stability. We continuously adapt and improve our products, incorporating the experience we gain in the domestic and international markets as well as our knowledge of their requirements.